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Heel Talk

May 3, 2021

May 5th officially marks the last day of class for the spring 2021 semester. And it’s no surprise that the weight of the pandemic, coupled with the stress of upcoming final exams and overall fatigue is weighing down on many UNC students at this time of year — especially many students living on-campus who are experiencing social isolation. On the 45th episode of Heel Talk, and the final one of the semester, DTH reporter Emily Shih talks with Host Evely Forte about the toll some students are facing in their mental health as the semester comes to a close. DTH reporter Chelsea Ramsey also talks about what the Carolina Union is doing to commemorate the last day of classes and bring a sense of normalcy to students this time of year. Episode hosted by Evely Forte and produced by Praveena Somasundaram. Supervising producers are University Desk Editor Maddie Ellis, Digital Managing Editor Will Melfi and Editor-in-Chief Anna Pogarcic.