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Heel Talk

May 11, 2020

Show notes:

After a four-year fight for records of the University's sexual assault disciplinary proceedings, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled May 1 that UNC will be required to release the names of individuals found responsible for rape, sexual assault or related acts of sexual misconduct. The DTH Media Corporation first filed the lawsuit against UNC in a coalition with three other N.C. media companies in the fall of 2016, claiming the University had violated North Carolina public records law by refusing to release the names, offenses and disciplinary actions for students or faculty found responsible for sexual misconduct. On this episode of Heel Talk, host Evely Forte talks to Online Managing Editor Hannah Lang to break down this case and its implications. Episode produced by Brian Keyes. 

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"Column: We should know who’s found responsible for sexual assault,", by Jane Wester

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