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Heel Talk

Oct 5, 2020

This is the third episode of our three-episode series on preliminary spring planning. To finish off the series, host Evely Forte held a round table discussion with student leaders to gauge their thoughts on shortcomings of the fall semester and their expectations of the University for the spring. 

Featured on this episode: Jorren Biggs, Black Student Movement Outreach Coordinator; Eleanor Murray, Co-Director of Outreach for the Campus Y; Collyn Smith, undergraduate senator in the UNC student government legislative branch; and Greear Webb, a member of the Commission of Campus Equality and Student Equity. 

Episode hosted by Evely Forte and produced by Praveena Somasundaram. Supervising producers are University Desk Editor Maddie Ellis, Digital Managing Editor Will Melfi and Editor-in-Chief Anna Pogarcic.