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Heel Talk

Apr 26, 2021

UNC’s deferred maintenance backlog has grown to over $900 million and counting. The facilities condition index suggests that the average of all UNC Buildings is 0.19 — falling in the poor condition category. DTH reporter Preston Fore talks about what deferred maintenance means and what implications the status of the deferred maintenance backlog has for the University moving forward. Host Evely Forte also chats with Ananya Mallik — a UNC sophomore in the middle of the pre-sale process for her debut novel, "Endless: A Villain's Love Story."  Episode hosted by Evely Forte and produced by Praveena Somasundaram. Supervising producers are University Desk Editor Maddie Ellis, Digital Managing Editor Will Melfi and Editor-in-Chief Anna Pogarcic.

You can pre-order "Endless: A Villain’s Love Story" and support Mallik here.